Welcome to WEB 110

Welcome to WEB 110

Welcome to Introduction to Web Technologies

This site serves as a repository of the constant content for the digital media class. Having content here serves a number of purposes, including:
  • anybody can get to it, even those who are not currently enrolled
  • it's available between semesters
  • it's available to multiple course sections
  • it's easy to setup, backup, and restore (for admins)
  • it's fast, reliable, and won't be down even when the school is
  • it allows easy collaboration for course development

This class is your introduction to the technology side of the web- it's not "how to use a browser" or "basics of using the internet" as some may expect. If you need to learn how to use the Internet (surfing, searching, email, etc...) or how to use a computer, you're better off taking a computer literacy or intro to computers class- any advisor can steer you in the right direction on that. 

This is a TECHNICAL class- that means you are going to have to learn things like terminology, how to manipulate files and elements of your PC, and how parts of the web work.  Some of these things are basic, like how you organize files on your computer. Others are more complex, like getting multiple files to interact with one another on a remote server. All are necessary if you ever plan on working heavily with the web, making your own pages, or just showing that extra level of competence when the internet is involved.

You will find this course challenging. We seek to cover a lot of information in a lot of different ways. With an open mind, diligence, and the willingness to search and ask for help when you need it - along with a healthy dose of time, you should do fine. If you can't commit each of these things, this class is probably not appropriate for you, and you should reconsider it. 

The instructor, assistants and tutors are all here to help you be successful- but they can only do so much. We rely on you to ask questions, communicate where you need help or clarification, and make the necessary commitment to this course.

If you are not enrolled in this course at CPCC, and happen to have found your way to this website- welcome! Much of what is here may be useful to you and you are welcome to give us any feedback at any time (use the mailform link on the left menu).


D.I. von Briesen

CPCC Instructor, Principal of KNEDIT, LLC and Founder of Tropical Teachers