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This is a GRADED assignment, so if you leave anything out (even the part about something to remember you by), you lose points, so please follow instructions. Please do not do any other work until you've completed this.


You can get to your moodle profile at any time (or anyone else's in the course) by clicking your name or picture wherever it appears. If you have never set up your moodle profile, it will look something like this:

Since we're communicating online instead of face-to-face, providing some information about yourself is necessary to get acquainted, so take a moment to introduce yourself using the following format. Copy/Paste these items into your moodle profile description/summary, and address each one. Make sure to keep the format of a numbered list (hint: do not manually type-in the numbers - use the numbered list function in the moodle text-formatter). Then edit to make it look good. This means DELETING the material in parentheses.

  1. Today's Date: (i.e. when you've updated this)
  2. Personal background:
  3. Professional/Academic background:
  4. Information/Technology background:
  5. Computer platform: (i.e. mac/win/linux, desktop/laptop, etc..)
  6. Reason for taking each course: (this semester - one entry per course)
    1. course 1: (ex: WEB110: Required for my degree)
    2. course 2:
    3. etc...:
  7. Funny story or interesting item to remember me by:
  8. I'd also like to share:(i.e. facebook links, personal websites, poetry, etc... - note that everything in your profile is visible to all students and teachers who you have classes within Moodle. If you link to other websites here, make sure to use hyperlinks and "friendly text" - don't just copy/paste the link in). The only required link here is a link to your student webspace. Add your school website address, which looks like this:http://students.cpcc.edu/~yourid (of course, "yourid" needs to actually be YOUR login id). After you setup your student web space in a later exercise, this link will take you to your school site. 

Also in your profile, do the following: (click "show advanced" button if needed to see all fields)

  1. Update your city, a good usable phone number (your number is visible only to teachers) and any instant messenger ID's you may have (AIM, Skype, etc). There is no need to enter anything if you don't have or don't want to use them. 
  2. Find a picture of yourself or an appropriate icon and upload it to replace the generic one that's there. Avoid actors unless there is some connection (i.e., you look like one).
  3. In the webpage field of your profile, add your school website address, which looks like this: http://students.cpcc.edu/~yourid (of course, "yourid" needs to actually be YOUR login id). After you setup your student web space in a later exercise, this link will take you to your school site. This will not load until you setup your website, so you're just getting it in place right now.
  4. In the interests field, list a few (3 or more) of your interests as "tags" separated by commas. A tag is a word that describes or gives detail about something. Use general NOUNS (i.e. reading, running, friends) or simple phrases (ocean kayaking, cross-country skiing). Phrases like "long-distance and sprinting" are no good because they won't cross reference with other tags. Break such items into two tags, like "distance running, sprinting". Phrases like, "I enjoy running" are similarly useless, so just use the noun (running) for those. Do not use any punctuation or capitalization other than commas to separate tags. Moodle may capitalize tags after you submit - that's fine.

You will submit a link to your moodle profile as part of the submission for the larger "Getting Started" assignment, so there is nothing to turn it at this point. Next, you need to complete the steps to set up your workspace at home and also set up your student space hosted by CPCC. For now, review your work and make sure you have done everything you are supposed to do.

Your final deliverable will look something like this:

Common mistakes in this assignment include improper formatting of the website address - remember the tilde (~) and the interest tags (see notes on interest field above).

GRADING: This is all or nothing. Do it right for full score. If you receive only 1pt, that means you need to check this list and fix it:

  • 8 numbered items using html list formatting (you didn't have to type the numbers in) done and tidied up (including removal of unneeded words)
  • phone number
  • correctly formatted link to webspace (don't forget the /~)
  • tags present and following tag rules
If you need some help understanding what to do, watch this brief tutorial. Otherwise, proceed to the next assignment's instructions.