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You'll have to do a lot of work- we'll settle on the specifics as we move forward. Expect a ration of class time (~3 hours) to homework of 1 to 5:1 (so between 3 and 15 hours of work per week).

Class will primarily be open discussion and lab. "Lecturing" will be the online portion where students read, research and view lectures.

CIS330 Programming II

Spring 2012

Instructor Name: D.I. von Briesen
Phone: 704-293-3399
Office Hours: By appointment, before or after class, or on phone.
Instructor Email:

Textbook: Murach's PHP and MySQL

Murach's PHP and MySQL by Joel Murach and Ray Harris 24 chapters, 844 pages, 367 illustrations ISBN 978-1-890774-56-1

Prerequisites: CIS310 Programming I

Course Description
This course introduces web-based programming using the PHP, coupled with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL. Topics include web fundamentals, datatype and variable manipulation, forms processing, state management, database IO and SQL CRUD statements, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to build basic PHP applications for the web.


Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
1.         Design, code, test, and debug PHP/SQL language programs
2.         Manipulate characters with strings
3.         Create one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays
4.         Create a structure and manipulate variables
5.         Code object-defining classes and application classes
6.         Create overloaded contractors in classes.
7.         Understand UML Diagrams
8.         Use inheritance in class creation
9.         Create overloaded methods on a class
10.       Understand polymorphism
11.       Perform input validation
12.       Implement error handling in an application
13.       Understand program code generated for user interfaces
14.       Create a user interface with different layouts

This classroom will be largely "flipped" where students research and go thru tutorials online as homework, and do labs/homework in the classroom with the instructor. Studies have shown that this method leads to greater understanding of the subject matter. It does however rely on participants putting in the necessary time before class to proceed with the work in class.

Students are expected to attend all classes for which there is no mutually agreed upon adequate excuse for absence, however, having completed the assignments for a particular section may be sufficient justification. Attendance for exams may be required - depending no how the class unfolds. The student is always responsible for any assignments, new material, lecture notes or other work or grade opportunities missed due to absences.

Don't cheat. The instructor has the right to fail you if you do, and report you to the dean for further discipline. If you feel the need or temptation to cheat, discuss the problem with your instructor. The goal here is to learn the material, not just get the class done.

Your grade will be determined in the following manner:
33% Online quizzes
33% Various related assignments
33% Student projects

Most work will be visible on your website(s) but may need to be submitted in specific formats online. See individual assignment notes for means of delivery and details.

Disability Accommodations Statement
If you are a student with a verified disability, please give to your professor, the Letter of Accommodation provided by Student Disability Services.  Students who have a disability, or think they have a disability (e.g. psychiatric, attentional, learning, vision, hearing, physical, or systemic), are invited to contact Student Disability Services for a confidential discussion at 704-337-2508 or at  Additional information is available at the SDS website
Honor Code Statement to include on the course syllabus: The Honor Code, which permeates all phases of university life, is based on three fundamental principles.  It assumes that Queens students: a) are truthful at all times, b) respect the property of others, and c) are honest in tests, examinations, term papers, and all other academic assignments.  It is a violation of the Honor Code for a student to be untruthful concerning the reason for a class absence.  Please contact me if you believe a violation of the Honor Code has occurred.

University Closings / Cancelled Classes:  In the rare occasion when it is necessary to close the university announcements will be made on TV and radio, and will be posted on the Queens web site (  Students who live on campus will be notified of a decision to cancel classes through their voice mail.  Commuter students should call the Queens Information Hotline (704-337-2567).   NOTE: If classes are meeting but you feel that you cannot find a safe way to get to class, notify the instructor as soon as possible.