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Each class is unique. Instructors have their own ways of doing things, subject matter varies, and even the class makeup can affect how things are done, not to mention the weather, the time of year, and the class duration. Here are some things you need to know about this class:

  • Content It's run in moodle, but moodle has only the minimal information needed to keep track of assignments, due dates, and conversations - it does not include most of the information you need to read or learn or even assignment instructions- that material is here on this site, which will be referred to as either the "TT site" (for TropicalTeachers) or the "course site". That means keeping track of two corresponding websites - this one and moodle. However, it'll remain here after the class is long gone, and hopefully benefit you and others outside the class.
  • Screenshots Often you'll need to turn in your work in the form of a screenshot of something you've done on your computer. You can do this anyway you like, so long as:
    • The picture is cropped to show only what you need - no full screens unless necessary
    • The image is in png, gif, or jpg formats - the only web-compatible images
  • Grading This class aims for mastery- you do something- all of it - or you fix it. A single point means your assignment has been reviewed and needs fixing. Full score is full score, but check responses to see if there are notes. Almost full score means you did it, but there's some trivial little thing you should fix.
  • Schedule Due dates/module dates are reflected in the dates on the top of each section in the center column of moodle. Items are due wednesday night each week, which gives you a little bit of time after the class (which will typically cover the next week's work) to get things done if you have questions during class.
  • Cheating Don't cheat. If you take someone else's advice or code, make a note of it. If you feel the need to cheat, discuss it with your instructor. He'll feel compelled to try to get you expelled from the school if you cheat, and nobody wants to be in that position. We'll work together to get done what you need to get done. Collaboration is great, but if your collaborator is touching your keyboard, or telling you exactly what to do, that's a bad sign.
  • Questions Ask ALL non private questions on the class discussion forum in moodle. This shares the question AND the response with the whole class, to everyone's benefit. You'll get points for asking, and even more for answering questions- and they are all extra credit, so you can earn a good deal there just by asking and helping others.
  • Deadlines Deadlines are weekly - while they are not exactly hard stops, getting behind will almost guarantee an inability to catch up. If you cannot handle the deadlines you'll need to drop the class.