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Module 1


PHP is a useful language and is a dominant language for web applications. It runs as a script on the webserver, and "serves up" html pages. Since HTML uses cascading style sheets for formatting and javascript for many other things, and because PHP can also tie to databases using Structure Query Language (SQL) or other interfaces, you could well be using FIVE different languages when writing a PHP application. The good news is you can get away far less than that. 


Go over all moodle resources, including this site, the syllabus, key PHP sites, and the various items within moodle. Do some wikipedia and google searches on PHP, HTML, tutorials, etc... until you get a feel of some of the terminology and penetration on the web.


Update Profile

Look at your instructor's profile and your moodle profile updated to include a format similar to your instructor, and in addition under the "show advanced" portion, include a link to your public webspace, your interests and a current phone number. When done, just post on the forum, "I'm done" or something like it.

Link to first PHP Page

Provide a direct clickable link to your first php page on the web within the forum, so we can click it and the page loads.

Link to PHP form

Go to, go carefully thru the html tutorial on forms, and then the php tutorial on forms, including GET and POST. Then recreate the sample form they provide that asks for name and age (you can take it further if you want). Get this to work on the server, so you can submit the form and get results on the subsequent page. Provide a link to the form page so we can test the form functionality.