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Course fr. Scratch

  • Why are we here?  About us...
  • My first moodlin'
  • Chocolate & Cards & Breaks
  • My first car... simple... my last car... not so much
A few ground rules:

  1. IE - Ignore & Explore
  2. "Perfection is the enemy of the Good" or "Done beats perfect every time"
  3. Make it real- "test" and "dummy text" and "blah blah blah" do not make good examples. Use lipsum text or something like it to generate more realistic content -  or ASCII Generator or   Wordle or CoolText and many many more. If you can imagine it, somebody probably has a tool to help you make it happen.
  4. Help others, share information, share ideas!
  5. Do the right thing- IP piracy is not theft, but it is illegal. Try for CC or public domain resources and set the example.
ASCII Generator   Wordle  CoolText and many many more. If you can imagine it, somebody probably has a tool to help you make it happen!

NOTE: The original description said we'd be using Moodle 2.3- we are actually using 2.5. Yay! (or Boo, if you won't have that for a while).

Do this:

Login and use your firstlast with mtmoot as password.  No cupper aces or supper spaces or flupper bases... or upper cases ... or even spaces.

Find how to create a course. (see the first ground rule. Help your neighbor. Say "BING" when you find the create link, and pause when you get to the new course settings page. Discuss!

Using something real that you teach, or help someone else teach, consider the settings for your course. You can always change/update them later. See rule number 2. For now, just pick a reasonable name and short name. 

When you get to your course, remove everything! Go back to the settings and set it to as few sections as you can. See if you can reduce your entire course to almost nothing.

(yeah, when you get rid of the settings/admin block, you make it harder to get back to course settings... see?  You're learning!)

Now you have a blank canvas. What will you do with it?

Original Description
2A - Building Blocks and Section Talks - Building a Moodle Course from Scratch (All Levels) (FULL)
Whether building your first Moodle course, or your hundredth, there are some things that might simply not occur to you. How do you name your sections? What role should labels play, and have you considered the relationship between sections 0 and 1? Come join us for this hands-on workshop in which we collaboratively build a course template appropriate to all subjects by focusing on the obvious (like contrast and alignment) and the not-so-obvious (where should your syllabus go, really?). If you're a seasoned Moodler, we welcome your contribution and input. This course will use Moodle 2.3, and if possible have participants collaboratively developing it as we go. We will also review some course building checklists and discuss participants' experiences and best practices in developing and running their Moodle courses. Taught by D.I. von Briesen