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Objectives (why we're here)

Some useful tools 

Codecademy's editor:


Codecademy (Code Academy) 
w3schools JS/Jquery tutorials
The New Boston
and many more...

Some Concepts/Terms

DOM (Document Object Model)
Great Node.js tutorial:

Suggestions from Lisa Garneau

DI asked about what Javascripting students in CIS 115 ought to be able to 'do' after 6-8wk.

1. get input from a text box.
1.a.. determine whether or not it is numeric
1.b. if string, determine length
1.c. if number, check value/range
1.d. if invalid alert and setfocus to first bad input value

2. dyamically change background color and/or font color via radio button  
3. dynamically change image content (2 images only - no arrays yet) based on button click (change button value 'with' the image change.
4. calculate and display a total/result value in a textarea
5. onload and reset function that clears input areas etc

All this is nicely done with a very primitive order form.

Name [textbox]

- (radio button)  Supersize it!  (background and font color change based on whether or not this is checked)

Quantity [textbox]  House Special $4.00

[Place order button] [Cancel/Clear button]

[textarea with total due/message]