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Getting Started


      1. download python installer for windows
        • discussion of x86 and x86-64
        • check Start>Program listing
        • use command  line
          • help?
          • >>> prompt
          • quit()
        • check IDLE
          • operators
      2. create folder pyworks on c: | open it and keep open with win-e
          1. turn on file extensions - org, search options, view, uncheck hide known file extensions
      3. launch python(Command Line) 
      4. type x = 7, hit enter
      • type x, it should display 7
      • launch IDLE (put shortcut somewhere easy to use- don't remove it from program group)
      • type x = 7, hit enter
      • type x, it should display 7
      • python installed and working
      • now open new window and type:
      • print ("Some kinda greeting")
      • save as


      • Note we can run this by double clicking, right-clicking, or edit with IDLE, then clicking F5 
      • Download and install notepad++
      • Choose Run (F5) with a simple python app (i.e. print ("yo")) saved as a file
      • From the dialogue window, find the python application in python32 directory in C drive. Test. If it doesn't work, add
      • $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) to the path you already have for the app. (so it appears next to the path to the python executable)
      • Setup shortcut to work from keyboard (maybe shift F8?)
      • Create python.bat file and put it into the python directory:
        @ECHO OFF 
        C:\Python32\python.exe "%1"  

      • Then hit F5 and edit so it looks like: C:\Python26\python.bat "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"  (quote might not be necessary)
      • then launch this bat file to get the cmd prompt opening without closing automatically 
      • (mostly from
      • explains how to add this script:
      • to run in notepad++
      • run by doubleclicking, get path of executable
      • (i.e. for shell it's C:Python32 )
      • go into np++ 

      • go to run with (drop down) ... 
      • demo tk application (
        • hello
        • feet to meters
      • vpython
        • download 3.1
        • downlaod vpython 3.1