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KCTCS 2012 - Video++


Methods and application of film to educative technique,particularly using handheld digital cameras, webcams, and creencapture software.



Camera Tour (Nikon 6300)
Webcam Tour


Basic capturing of film and photos for educative application
Common issues that affect quality of captured media
  • Using flash/ambient light
  • Using the timer function
  • Focus
  • Optical zoom
  • 3 seconds before and after
Unique features of Microsoft LifeCam capture and CoolPix Capture
  • Streaming
  • Connecting CoolPix to television
Take pictures and video
Data transfer
Keyboard shortcuts
  • Alt-tab/Windows-tab
  • Windows-E
  • Windows-D
  • Ctrl-click
  • Shift-click
Filming environment manipulation
  • Adding light
  • Using ambient light
  • Backdrops
  • Rule of thirds
  • Background noise
Live streaming of film from Webcam using Yawcam software

break (lunch)
  • meat
  • corn
  • apple pie


Basic film editing using Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Transitions
  • Trimming
  • Intro/outro
  • Inserting still photos
  • Volume
  • Saving vs. publishing project
Common issues in film editing
  • 3 second rule (transitions)
  • Timing
  • Splicing
  • Background noise
  • Sound overlay



Tripods for capturing drawing
Parts of classroom to capture digitally
  • Your screen
  • Your camera on desk
  • Your camera on you
Screencastomatic software introduction
  • Recording
  • Publishing/saving
  • Using webcam along with screencapture