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Craven- Digital Video

Creating Digital Video Lectures & Supporting Lessons

2pm - 4pm 9 February 2012

  • Intro
  • Agenda
  • What we gon' do?
    • Sue- be able to know how to do video lecture (in moodle)
    • Ravi- whatever you tell me- everything
    • Caroline- Ditto
    • Vickie- how to do video lecture
    • Jess- difference between video of you in class vs. voice with images or over powerpoint, as well as length
    • Pat- done youtube, but what about screencapture w/voice over
    • Norm - what jess said
    • Bruce - better ways to engage online students
  • Things to record
  • we want to record
    • -our desktop
    • -our people
    • -our whiteboard
    • -our screen
    • -our physical desktop
  • Wrap-up
  • DI's online videos (sample)
  • Tools
    • screencastomatic - will record with small web download, and can include video from webcam (picture in a picture)
    • yawcam (yet another web cam) - allows for easy full screen video, as well as things like motion capture and such

  • Follow-up