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League CIT

CIT2007 - Technology Tips and Tricks - Marlene Roden, Jonathan Ross, D.I. vonBriesen

CIT2007 - Video Editing Devices - Jonathan Ross, D.I. vonBriesen

CIT2007 - Effective Video Tutorials - Jonathan Ross

Note that this site should eventually emerge as a good go-to place for many things technology, education and distance education.

For now, if you're here and that link didn't give you what you want, here are a few items of interest:

For a free second life office, create a second life account, get used to navigation, and email your name, title, institution, and avatar name to di.vonbriesen (a) cpcc (dot) edu. Be sure this information is also in the real-life tab of your profile.

Email D.I. for any additional questions related to presentations at the League or elsewhere, specifically anything related to Second Life or Moodle.