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Original Version:
Here's a rough cut- does it work for you? There's a lot to cover, so the question is do we go deep and do it all and stop at gmail, or do you go a little lighter (lose pda, remote, chat, etc...) and do more with google docs or other tools. As this stands, it's 4 hours, 15 mins, with breaks. 

To keep it fun and provide nicely-aligned resources, i'm going to roughly follow google's "gmailninja" lessons, though of course we'll deviate based on participant desires and questions, and talk about specific practical applications in our field. 

A: 1:15min (i.e. 8:00-9:15 or 1:00-2:15)
Introductions and orientation, logging in/creating accounts, setting up basic profile info, signatures, basic settings, sending email, round-robin/telephone game, to, cc, bcc and threading/grouping

1: 0:15min BREAK (9:15-9:30 or 2:15-3:00)

B:  1:15min (9:30-10:45 or 3:00-4:15)
Stars, Chat, Labels, "Move-to", Search, Archive, Import contacts, themes
 Video Chat, Tasks/To-Do, filters, highlights, phone/pda use, previews, undo send, status, attachments, autoresoponders, emoticons, drafts

2: 0:15min BREAK (10:45-11:00 or 3:15-3:30)

C 1:15min (11-12:15 or 3:30-4:45)
Keyboard shortcuts, search operators, filter personalization, direct sends, offline gmail, muliple attachments, EOM, autoresponses, quick previews, quick links, send and archive, send and receive from multiple addresses, picture.

Calendar and Docs, SMS text messages, remote sign-out, RSS, https, superstars, your own domain, shift/ctrl click, default client, chat emphasis, quoting threads.