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Random Notes

Notes may reflect additional information about slides. 

  1. Intro Slide
  2. Technical - use chat on right, let us know if things get choppy, voice isn't synched, or screens aren't loading fast enough. Things may really vary across the 200 schools we're casting too.
  3. Admin slide- handouts, lots to cover, original plan scaled back to fit within time, and "view only" interface
  4. Who is D.I.?
  5. Agenda- we are decidely less ambitious, though the goal is the same. Explain why THESE particular tools... Photo from flickr of Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, Yale Univeristy, at the Introductory Session of the Summit on the Global Agenda
  6. Whoops! - not that Open Office
  7. Open Office - free, open source, started in Europe, then bought by Sun Microsystems and became Star Office, and now opened to be Open Office. Includes Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, and Base
  8. Writer
  9. Calc
  10. Impress
  11. Draw
  12. Base
  13. Google Docs 3 main apps- word processor, slideshow app, and spreadsheet. See video about google docs online (google google docs, videos).
  14. Demo Each Don't forget forms
  15. Google Apps Show Gmail - highlights are threading and ease Show Calendar - highlight sharing Mention Groups- email in and out, no ads
  16. Irfanview - Bit about founder, great utility for batch processes, timed slideshows, converstions, etc..
  17. GIMP - open source, with functionality like PhotoShop
  18. Flickr Show tags
  19. Break/Stretch - note pictures from flickr, CC
  20. Demo Stopwatch, set timer, ask for chat questions