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Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows Key (between alt and fn key on lower left of keyboard - will refer to as "win" here). Hitting it will open your start menu.

On a mac, often the Apple key (little clover leaf thingy) is like the ctrl- key, so many commands are the same. If you'd like me to work up a nice list for macs, please send me a mac to play with and I'll be happy to oblige.

  1. Win- d - min/max all windows to get to desktop,  & back
  2. Win-e - opens windows explorer (to see your files)
  3. Alt-tab/alt-esc - moves between open applications (w choice)
  4. F2 - renames (not letter f number 2, but the F2 key)
  5. Double click title bar - toggles between restore and maximize for the window

Browser Shortcuts

  1. F4 - activates the address bar (in IE and Window Explorer)Ctrl L - activates the address bar (in Firefox)
  2. F11 - toggles browser to full screen
  3. F5 - refresh/reload
  4. Ctrl-tab - moves between open tabs
  5. Ctrl-Enter - completes a .com entry

Application Shortcuts

  1. ctrl-n - opens a new window
  2. ctrl-x, c, or v - cut, copy, or paste
  3. ctrl-a - selects all
  4. ctrl-s - saves your work
  5. alt-F4 - closes the application


  • Highlight a bunch of  files, rename one and hit enter- it'll rename them all but increment them by number - great for downloaded pictures from your camera.

  • ctrl-drag will duplicate items in many applications on windows - select some items, hold ctrl, then drag and drop. (you'll see a little + icon while you do it)

  • If you want to make something bigger, especially on a projector, use the Magnifier - Start>programs>Accessories>Accessibity
  • Play music when you're on break- kids will think you're cool!

Mo' Bonus

  • Anywhere you can resize and image, hold the shift key to resize a picture proportionally (so it doesn't look too skinny or too fat)
  • Click something, then go somewhere else and hold the shift key down, then click something else, and everything between the first item and the second will be selected.
  • To select a few things from a group, hold the ctrl key while clicking each item- and it'll keep them all selected.