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CCC Web 2.0

Session Outline

9-4 PM, 17 June 2010

Session A: 9 - 10:30
Introducing Web 2.0 - Using Wordle to cover key topics and concepts.
Session B: 10:45- 12:15 -
More Details - CommonCraft Videos, 
Lunch (1hr)
Session C: 1:15- 2:30
Hands-on activities and discussions
Session D 2:45-4:-00
Building the take-aways

Flickr photos
Youtube intro
all embedded in a blog


  • Create a Blog

  • Make a wordle or tagxedo related to your field, and save it. Then embed that code into  a new post on your blog.

  • Make an intro video (generic- no class ID, no semester name) directly onto youtube that could be used as a welcome message for your class(es)

  • Make a post that relates to what we've done indicating what you might or would like

  • embed flickr slideshow based on your chosen search criteria