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  • Phone - mounted?
  • speakers
  • webcam
  • yawcam + drivers
  • zoomit
  • screencastomatic/jing/panopto

Intro, background, brainstorm, organize, demonstrate?

backgroun Ideas - afghanistan, 80's
Instructional Technology
Convergence - Affordability, accessibility, universal access, competition, 

Specifics mentioned in session:

  • Yawcam software - use 2 different cameras, and have it show one as doccam, and the other the headshot, then record the whole screen, and toggle (alt-tab) between apps - so you can record what you are doing, your headshot, or your physical working surface- which can include a small whiteboard, notepad (marker, sharpie, or pen) or even an instrument or piece of equipment. 
  • Microsoft lifecam studio webcam (studio has tripod screw hole)
  • 25 - 30' USB extension cord
  • Kinamax GN-TSFC Tripod - Table-top
  • - gorilla (flexible) tripod
  • $2 whiteboard vs $2000 smartboard - put duct tape around edges, cut small for each student, larger for teams.
  • physics teacher uses cameras and cheap whiteboard and team activities and videos... you get the idea:
  • dukane makes the flexible arm i demo'd, but it comes with the logitech camera (which is probably OK, but not as good as I'd like);
  • projectors - look for 1000+ lumens, and under $500 - you can get much brighter for much less if you're willing to go bigger. Check dimensions if you'll be travelling. 

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