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NCCIA 2013


Mo’MOOCs Ballroom 3 Session 2: 10:45 - 12:00 
D.I. von Briesen

2012 has been called "the year of the MOOC". Massive, open, online courses have been gaining steam, and evolving from simple 
tutorials to sophisticated courseware delivery platforms. Coupled with automated tools, volunteer tutors, and unprecedented 
budgets, sites like Venture Labs (Stanford), EDx (Harvard and MIT), Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, Google's Course Builder, and many 
more are emerging as solid course delivery platforms. Many of these courses can be taken for free, and cover everything from 
cloud computing to philosophy. Come learn about open educational resources, MOOC's, and get a glimpse into this amazing world
of high-quality educational resources. . 


Javascript—Not Your Daddy’s Scripting Ballroom 5 Session 7: 1:30-2:45
D.I. von Briesen
Since it’s emergence with the web as a much-maligned annoying pop-up purveyor, JavaScript (JS) has become a necessity in 
the web-world. With the addition of add-on libraries (like jquery), asynchronous operations (like ajax), and additional applications (like processingjs and node.js) JavaScript has become an amazingly versatile and necessary part of the web developer’s 
toolkit. In addition to being ubiquitous, javascript is rich enough to demonstrate the same core concepts covered in intro to
programming, and far easier to get started with than ANY language to date. Come see, learn, and discuss more. (Teaser: Did 
you know you can run a JS console with one click? Make amazing visualizations easily? Run JS on the server -super fast?) 

D.I. von Briesen teaches IT at CPCC as he explores issues involving STEAM education, sustainability, technology, and the intersections between them. He lives in Charlotte with his wife and the kids who haven't yet fled the nest.