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Session 1: 8:00-9:00
LMS Less Foxfire I
D. I. von Briesen, Central Piedmont CC : Laptop helpful but not required
With the emergence of social media and online collaboraƟve tools, it becomes possible to conceive of using exisƟng free tools to
synthesize your own LMS. Please join in this conversaƟon about alternaƟves to moodle, blackboard, and others and the risks, rewards, and balances of the future of distance educaon. From tools like google+, to youtube, wikipedia, flickr to concepts like Creative Commons, Open Courseware, and MOOC's, the world of education is changing, and we should be its pioneers.

  Intro (me and moodle, dl, web 2.0)
(chocolate, webcam, tripod...)
Started conversation around 2002-3 took us from BB to moodle, but premise still held- got to be a better way.
Core parts of LMS - forums, asssignments, quizzes, all within a basic publishing framework.
We are the 99% (or 80/20?) - Things we do daily.
Challenges- even an open-source tool like moodle doesn't evolve at the level that the overall web does. 
What components would we like?
- publishing - (see more in next session) - similar list:
- conferencinng
- recording
- collaboration
- google
-- groups (forums)
-- G+
-- sites/docs and more
- youtube/vimeo
- wikipedia
-flickr - latest
- creative commons (video)?