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JTCC Video

This session was a discussion/demo with some hands-on
  • Stuff is now super cheap and accessible and small
    • Tripods
    • mics
    • webcams
    • point and shoot cameras (most do video)
    • phone cameras
  • Cameras discussed include Logitech 910 and Microsoft Lifecam for webcams.
  • Software editing with Windows Movie Maker on PC (free download for windows) or iMovie.
  • Upload directly to youtube and edit there as needed
  • Sound is as important as video- sometimes more so
  • Do not center subject vertically - don't waste space at top
  • perfection is the enemy of the good
  • repetition is good, and many failure lead to success
  • something done imperfectly is better than nothing done well
  • ignore and explore - use it in your life as well as work